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Fire ants have become a severe problem in Kingwood, TX. They are also very difficult to get rid of. Their biology is quite unique and also misunderstood. Fire Ants have chewing mouth parts which have the ability to hold on to the skin with their mouth, arch their body, and sting with their hind end to inject their venom into the skin that normally turns into a small itching skin eruption with a pustule.

Fire ants are typically about 1/8” to ¼” in length with a reddish brown to black color to them. They are social insects and live in colonies which can have up to 200,000 individual ants. Every ant colony has a queen ant, winged males and females, workers, and brood (made up of ant eggs, larvae, and pupae. The queen fire ant lives in a protected nest which may be several feet deep and can be several feet away from the visible mound or mounds. Also, there may be several satellite nest that are near the main nest and some nest even have more than one queen.

Ant pest control is necessary to keep your home safe for your family and pets during the Houston summer. Without treating your law for fire ants, the infestation can become very overwhelming. Not only do you want to kill fire ants, but it is also important to prevent fire ants from coming back.

AccuCheck Pest Control located in Kingwood, TX offers ant pest control in a very unique way. The treatment that AccuCheck uses cannot be found in any store or shelf. AccuCheck’s fire ant pest control solutions actually eliminate fire ants, and prevent them from coming back. Call AccuCheck today to learn more about how we can help you keep fire ants out of your yard and home.

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